Like any good Slumgullion stew, Plow borrows ingredients from Americana Heritage Music, adds its own spices, and puts the whole pot on a rolling boil. The result is a simmering musical concoction that wafts through the air and connects the listener to America’s musical past and present.

When Acoustic musicians find synergy, it’s special. When the result of that synergy is unexpected, with improvised twists and turns, the ride is exciting, amusing and ultimately satisfying. Plow is the result of four men finding common musical ground, then deciding to break new ground and bring their own personal and shared musical expressions to listeners.

Press Photo | Stage Plot

Photographs by Dennis Andersen

Chris Clarke

Mandolin, Guitar & Vocals

Our fearless band leader and road manager, Chris Clarke, is responsible for the existence of this group. His mandolin is tuned to Bill Monroe and his voice tells those old familiar stories as though they just happened.

Doug Walker

String Bass & Vocals

Doing it on the left-hand side, Doug puts the dog in dog- house bass. His jazz-minded solo breaks may come as a surprise, but don’t let that stop you from striking up a conversation with your neighbor, or heading over for another round of drinks.

Jason Weiss

Banjo & Vocals

Born on a train, Jason Weiss and his conjoined twin, the banjo, have been together ever since that fateful day. Jason may be known as “San Diego’s favorite banjo player,” but his banjo is lesser known as “every instrument’s favorite Jason-utilizer.”

Ephemeral Members

Joe Pomianek

Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals

“Big” Joe is a gentle giant both in stature and guitar-pickin’. He glides through those burning tempos like a hot knife through butter. He’ll also fill your ears with a sweet vocal harmony when you’re not looking. Learn this name: Po•mi•an•ek

David Bandrowski

5-String & Tenor Banjos

New Orleans transplant Dave Bandrowski can be heard on the Debut CD, or playing guitar in his early jazz & blues project Zapf Dingbats (featuring Chris, Doug, and Dane Terry on harmonica), as well as his New Orleans-style Euphoria Brass Band.